How did you discover your favorite series?

It’s informal poll time! YOUR FAVORITE TIME. Wherein I put the question to all of you (and hope you share it): how did you first discover your favorite series?

Did you catch a glimpse of the cover at a real live bookstore and buy Book 1 with the money you were supposed to spend on lunch? Was your BFF gushing about some dude named Jace and you just had to know what was up with that? Was it a librarian who first told you about the plight of Panem and District 12? Or were you just messing around on Facebook before you saw an ad for it?

Whatever the series (Harry Potter/Twilight/Hunger Games/Mortal Instruments/Percy Jackson/Divergent/etc. etc. etc. so on and so forth), reblog w/ the name of said series and share how you first heard about it, whether that source was a friend, an ad (in a magazine? Online?), spotting the cover in a bookstore, a trailer for the movie or gnomes. Share because I’m curious.*

*Also because it’s an interesting sociological experiment somewhat related to the future of publishing.